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As a motorist, you share the road with others with the utmost duty of care, driving defensively and with consideration as you navigate to your desired destinations. However, not everyone behind the wheel abides by the traffic rules and regulations as carefully as they should. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, rear-end collisions account for roughly 23% of all vehicle collisions, resulting in over 950,000 injuries. If you sustained injuries due to a driver following too closely, or tailgating, you may have legal options to recover damages from the responsible driver through a personal injury claim. 

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What Type of Evidence Can Be Used to Prove Liability in a Rear-End Accident Claim?

Rear-end accidents are among the most common types of collisions on the road. They typically occur due to factors such as distracted driving, tailgating, sudden braking, adverse weather conditions, or mechanical failures. While these car accidents seem straightforward and fault in rear-end accidents is usually clear-cut, proving why a rear-end collision occurred can often greatly enhance the value of your claim. Proving not only fault, but why a collision occurred requires gathering relevant evidence. 

An experienced Lewisville, TX rear-end accident lawyer will investigate and utilize their connections to gather vital evidence of negligence regarding your claim, including the following: 

  • Police report: A police report generated at the scene of the accident can provide an objective account of the incident, including details about the positions of the vehicles, road conditions, and any traffic violations observed by the responding officer. 
  • Eyewitness statements: Statements from eyewitnesses who observed the accident occur can provide crucial information about how the collision happened and who was responsible. 
  • Photographs and videos: Visual evidence, such as images and videos of the aftermath, the vehicles involved, skid marks, and property damage, can help reconstruct the sequence of events and show the point of impact. 
  • Vehicle damage: The extent and site of vehicle damage can offer insight into how the collision occurred. For example, significant damage to the rear of one vehicle and corresponding damage to the front of the other can suggest liability. 
  • Traffic laws and regulations: If one driver violates traffic laws, such as following too closely or failing to maintain a safe distance, these violations can contribute to proving their liability. 
  • Cell phone records: If distracted driving is suspected as a cause, obtaining cell phone records of the at-fault driver can establish whether they were using their phone at the time of the accident. 
  • Expert testimony: Accident reconstruction experts can analyze the evidence and provide expert testimony about factors such as vehicle speed, braking distance, and the sequence of events leading to the collision. 
  • Medical records: Medical records can establish a link between the personal injuries and the accident. 
  • Vehicle maintenance records: In some cases, mechanical failures such as brake malfunctions can contribute to accidents. Vehicle maintenance records can help determine if such issues played a role and if a third party may be responsible for defects.  
  • Security camera footage: If the accident occurred in a location with surveillance cameras, footage can provide an additional perspective on the collision. 

Gathering a combination of these types of evidence can help build a strong case for proving liability in a rear-end accident claim. Working with a rear-end collision lawyer at Kuzmich Law Firm P.C. who has experience handling these types of cases can greatly assist in collecting and presenting evidence to establish fault and ensure you obtain compensation for your losses. 

Recoverable Compensation in a Successful Rear-End Accident Claim

In a successful rear-end accident claim, you may recover several types of economic and non-economic damages, which aim to provide financial relief for the losses incurred due to the liable party’s negligence. 

The following are common types of recoverable compensation in a rear-end accident claim: 

  • Medical expenses 
  • Property damage 
  • Lost wages 
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Emotional distress 
  • Loss of consortium 
  • Disabilities
  • Scarring and disfigurement 
  • Mental anguish 
  • Punitive damages 

Consulting with an experienced Lewisville rear-end accident lawyer can provide a comprehensive understanding of the potential compensation you may recover based on the specific circumstances of your case.

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