Rox Garza

I am so thankful for for the Kuzmich Law Firm. Attorney Nicole Gordillo has really been a blessing. She took my case and I can’t believe how smooth and easy she made things. Nicole and the rest of the staff at Kuzmich Law Firm are competent and courteous. Thank you for guiding me through such and important process.


Kuzmich Law Firm did a great job handling our case. Our car accident took place the end of December and the case was closed and completed by the end of April. They were efficient, fast and very professional, from the moment we stepped in the office they automatically took over and handled everything for us.


This is a great Law Firm to go to for anything, From my experience, the people there are friendly accomadating to the customer needs. This firm has Customer Service which is great. I would and will recommend this firm to anyone requesting a referrel.


Awesome service, very professional with shocking yet satisfying results. Ileana and Nicole were great and kept me updated through out the process. I will definitely and highly recommend the firm for any type of help with the case. Thank you so much for all your hard work you put in for fair Justice.


I have unfortunately been hit by a drunk driver, 18 wheeler, and t-boned. While I am waiting for them to find a Hummer and full time driver for me, Kuzmich Law Firm has handled all 3 cases. They have relieved me from the stress of dealing with the insurance companies and medical carriers.