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The bus is a relatively inexpensive, environmentally-conscious way to get around. Whether it’s to go to work for the day, to visit friends, or to run your weekend errands, you expect a certain level of safety when boarding. Buses are generally pretty safe to ride, but as with all motor vehicles, they run a risk of crashing or breaking down. As there are no seatbelts offered on buses, even abrupt stops or failing to yield on time can result in an injury

If you have been in a Lewisville bus accident recently and were injured, you may be unsure of your rights and what you are entitled to. If the accident directly resulted from another’s recklessness, you are owed compensation for your injuries, and a personal injury lawyer can help. Kuzmich Law Firm P.C. will begin by investigating the incident’s circumstances and get to work fighting for your rights immediately. 

Establishing Liability for a Lewisville Bus Accident

Liability can vary when it comes to a bus accident. Buses have many moving parts, and there are many different possible parties that can be found liable. A few common examples include:

  • Another motor vehicle driver (car, truck, and motorcycle)
  • Another passenger
  • The driver
  • The bus company
  • Bus manufacturers

Liability is determined through the breach of a standard of care. When boarding the bus and paying for your seat, you expect to be safely transported from Point A to Point B. When this duty of care is breached out of recklessness and directly results in your injury, you may find the appropriate party at fault and file a personal injury claim. Texas’s negligence laws allow for parties who are partially liable to still file claims and receive damages. As far as determining who is liable, your Lewisville bus accident attorney can help investigate the evidence and make a claim. 

Common Mistakes Victims of Bus Accidents Make

After receiving medical attention for your injuries and filing a police report, you must begin to make advances toward legal recourse. Common mistakes victims of bus accidents make include:

Not Filing On Time

Texas gives victims of personal injury accidents a deadline from the date of the occurrence to file a claim against the liable party. Failure to timely pursue your claim can result in a dismissed claim and no compensation. 

Timely filing a claim while juggling injuries and the aftermath of an accident can be difficult. Being expected to have all of the proper documentation filled correctly can be overwhelming, which is why it is best practice to have your bus accident attorney in Lewisville handle all paperwork while you rest.  

Not Gathering Evidence

In an ideal world, after your accident, you will be able to safely collect evidence that is pertinent to the success of your case. This includes photographs or video footage from your phone, eyewitness accounts, and even your medical records or police report. When you are unable to do so safely, it is vital you reach out to an attorney immediately. They can begin investigating the accident, collecting and assessing time-sensitive evidence such as traffic camera footage, manufacturing reports, driving records, expert testimony, and more. 

Not Hiring A Lawyer

The biggest mistake victims of a personal injury accident make is not hiring a qualified personal injury attorney. You may think you can do it on your own and file your claim and take down the insurance company without the help of a professional bus accident lawyer, but we have found in our experience that it is unlikely you walk out with an adequate settlement or outcome. A bus accident attorney like board-certified Steve Kuzmich offers a unique set of skills that are specifically catered to getting you the results you are looking for. 

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