What Compensation Can I Recover for DUI-Related Injuries?


Many drivers arrested for DUI do not realize the long-term consequences of their actions like causing injuries to others. If you have been injured in a collision due to a driver’s decision to drive under the influence, you may have legal recourse to hold them accountable for damages. This may include vehicle repair and replacement costs, medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses. In some cases, the bar that served the drunk driver too much alcohol may also be responsible for the accident under the Texas Dram Shop Law. Speak with the DUI accident lawyers at Kuzmich Law Firm, P.C., to understand your legal options. 

With over 28 years of experience advocating for Texas residents, Board-Certified Attorney Steve Kuzmich has the knowledge and resources to provide the best possible outcome for your claim. Our Kuzmich Law Firm, P.C. team will fight for you every step of the way so you may focus on recovering from your injuries. To learn more about how our firm can assist you, call (972) 434-1555 and speak with a member of our team today.

Recoverable Compensation for DUI-Related Injuries

Victims of DUI-related injuries often suffer physical, emotional, and financial hardships. These losses deserve recognition, so our knowledgeable lawyers work to calculate your claim’s worth accurately. Depending on the severity of your injuries and accident circumstances, you may recover economic and non-economic damages, which include the following:


Economic damages involve losses with tangible monetary value. These often include the following:

  • Past and future medical expenses, like hospital bills, surgery costs, and ambulance ride fees
  • Lost wages from missed work
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Property damage

We may use medical records, pay stubs, tax returns, and other receipts and invoices to calculate these damages and prove their value.


Non-economic damages are more subjective and involve non-monetary losses, including:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Mental anguish
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Disability or disfigurement

These types of damages are less straightforward to calculate. Therefore, at Kuzmich Law P.C., we evaluate how your injuries affected your quality of life, how long recovery will take, and if you suffered permanent harm so you may receive accurate compensation for these losses.

How a DUI Accident Lawyer Can Help Your Case

Finding a DUI accident lawyer who truly understands your unique challenges and is committed to advocating for your rights is vital to the success of your case. You deserve justice and compensation for your accident damages. 

Our legal team handles the following aspects of your case so you may focus on recovery: 

  • Conducting a detailed investigation of the accident
  • Identifying the liable party
  • Collecting and analyzing evidence
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Filing your claim properly
  • Using our extensive knowledge of Texas law to answer your questions
  • Negotiating and representing you when mediating your claim
  • Litigation of your claim in trial, if necessary 

The legal team at Kuzmich Law Firm P.C. prepares every case trial-ready, and by doing so, we often secure successful recoveries for clients prior to trial via negotiations. It is imperative to act quickly, as Texas requires all claims to be filed prior to the statute of limitations. Waiting often hurts your claim, as evidence can be lost or altered. 

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