Accidents with Injuries

When there is an injury caused by the negligence of another party, many issues arise which must be dealt with timely. There are now medical entities to deal with, i.e. hospitals, doctors, ambulance, etc., and there are insurance companies which will require attention. The daily rhythm of life is completely interrupted for this period of time and one is forced into an unfamiliar and complicated setting. There are many variables in play, and most will require some outside expertise in order to bring one’s life back to “normal” and to bring things to a successful conclusion.

In this situation, a competent and caring attorney and law firm can become the factor that turns a traumatic injury into a satisfying result. An experienced attorney and support staff can assist in navigating these trying circumstances by offering the knowledge, expertise, and compassion that will be necessary to achieve a satisfactory result. They can help return life back to a state of normalcy and can also assist in the recovery of damages, both to your physical being and to your property.

Our Firm Has Extensive Experience Working on Many Types of Personal Injury Cases Concerning Accidents with Injuries:

  • Wrongful death accidents
  • Trucking accidents
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Injuries caused by drunk drivers
  • Dog bite cases
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Burn injuries
  • Construction accidents
  • On-the-job injuries involving third parties
  • Slip and fall cases
  • Product defect cases
  • Injuries to the elderly or to children

No matter the cause of the injury, the attorneys at Kuzmich Law Firm have the ability to evaluate your situation and advise you of your options. We have the knowledge, compassion, and experience to help bring you peace of mind during a very difficult situation.

Steve Kuzmich is a Board Certified – Personal Injury Trial Lawyer by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. The Kuzmich Law Firms’ focus practice areas are auto and trucking accidentswrongful death and other serious injuriesinjuries caused by drunk driverschild injury cases(slip and fall accidents) premises liability, and dog bite cases.

For further information about personal injury litigation, call as at  972.434.1555 and ask us why board certification matters.