Carol Beth Meyerdirk

Carol Beth Meyerdirk, Paralegal


Carol Beth Meyerdirk was born in New Mexico, but was raised in Denton, Texas and has lived here for the last 5+ decades. She is married to Steve Meyerdirk, a veterinarian in Keller, Texas, and has four adult children.


Carol Beth received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Merchandising from Stephen F. Austin State University, with a minor in Business.


Carol Beth has worked for attorneys both in Oklahoma and Texas, and has worked for Howard E. Watt since 2009, handling paralegal responsibilities as well as office management of the Denton office. She began handling the paralegal responsibilities for Sean Kilgore in his criminal practice earlier this year. She assists in will preparation, probate, civil, and criminal cases for the firm.


Carol Beth is an active member of Denton Bible Church and a Bunco club. She enjoys reading, gardening, walking, singing, her many pets, and spending time with her family in her spare time.